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Employment Assistance – Show Cause and Disciplinary Proceedings

As a retained client you receive ongoing support in relation to Employment Law. We understand that your worst nightmare of being charged with an offence may not come true. If it does, what is at risk is not just financial, but reputational, self-esteem and work satisfaction losses that can occur as a result of the unique issues you face in your workplace, be that QPS, QCS or QAS. These costs don’t just occur when you are charged with a criminal offence. They can occur when you are injured and unable to work, or when you are forced to face unfair and unfounded discipline proceedings.

The first you may know about a potential disciplinary proceeding is being asked to attend a meeting, or you may receive a memo requiring a response. With dedicated support, we will ensure you will receive timely advice to respond to these issues. Our specialists will support you by attending upon disciplinary interviews and providing written responses to Disciplinary Sanctions, and by ensuring you get access to your entitlements, such as your sick leave and the sick leave bank if you are unable to work.

Our lawyers and employment specialist is on hand to provide dedicated advice and representation for employees of Essential Services. With experience as Police, and in Unions, we know how the system works, and how it is used against you. Our specialist is experienced in pushing back on Commissioned officers and HR and winning, to ensure you are not forced to face these unique challenges alone.