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Drug Offences

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What makes us different?

At Sibley Lawyers, your matter will be handled by a Solicitor with at least a decade of experience. We are former police, Barristers and Prosecutors. Put simply, we know how the police and prosecutors operate.

Drug Offences – It is Important to Get the Best Advice

Even if it is your first offence, the outcome can be serious. Depending on the quantity of the drug and the circumstances, the Police may allege it was possessed for a commercial purpose. You may have purchased a large amount of the drug of poor purity at a discount. However, if commerciality is proved, the outcome will be determined in the Supreme Court and the outcomes can be severe. Where possible, we will reduce the charge to get you the best outcome.

If this is your first offence, and the amount is relatively trivial, we can assist you to achieve an order pursuant to s 19 of the Penalties and Sentences Act, where no conviction is recorded and you are diverted from the Criminal Justice System. A Police caution may also be open.

We have a particular insight into how complex intelligence and law enforcement operations are conducted. You may have been targeted for an extended period before you were arrested for the offence of trafficking in a dangerous drug. We will discuss your different options, to get you the best sentence.

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What is trafficking?

In order to make out the offence of trafficking, the Crown must prove that you were engaged in the business of selling a dangerous drug. This can occur on the back of just one act of supplying a dangerous drug, but usually the instances of supply are more frequent and make up particulars of the trafficking. Just because you have been charged with trafficking, does not mean this is the most appropriate charge. We have had success in many cases of having the charge dropped down to individual supplies. This can make a significant difference for you on the penalty.

Whether you have been charged, or are under investigation, you ought to get advice now from a criminal lawyer with extensive experience in law enforcement and advocacy. Our team appear in Caboolture, Brisbane, Ipswich, Richlands, Southport, Maroochydore, Wynnum, Sandgate, Pine Rivers and throughout Queensland.

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About our Leadership Team Justin Sibley and Robert Sibley

As a former Police Officer with over 25 years of professional experience, Justin Sibley has a unique insight into how the Police and Prosecutors work. Robert Sibley has over 40 years experience as a practicing Barrister and brings a high level of expertise and experience in Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Evidence Law. Robert taught many of the prosecutors, Magistrates and Judges in Queensland. Together they lead a strong team of specialists.

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When you find yourself in criminal difficulties, whether it be a minor drug possession, or trafficking in a dangerous drug, give us a call.

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