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Redcliffe Traffic Offences Demonstrates Flaws in Radar Detection

As a criminal defence lawyer it is essential that we maintain justice at the Magistrates Courts level when it comes to traffic offences and the resultant infringements. Recently a hearing conducted in the Richlands Magistrates Court indicated the danger of human error in the operation of LIDAR devices. These devices are inherently reliable when properly calibrated and when operated properly. However, this does not remove the human factor both in calibrating and in operating these devices which leads to the allegation of so many traffic offences and the consequential infringement notices. Richlands Magistrates Court is a busy and often overloaded court house, but that should not discourage individuals from contesting traffic offences in the right circumstances. Getting advice early on traffic offences is critical. Speeding offences can easily result in loss of licences, and this can have an impact on your ability to earn a living. Special hardship orders are available in only a small number of categories. Work licences are only available for Drink Driving and Drug Driving offences. Losing a licence is for some a severe a penalty. Engage a Brisbane Crime Lawyer early to discuss your options.