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Drug Offences

Being charged with a drug offence can have wide ranging implications, whether it is your first offence or not. Depending on the charge, you might be looking at time in prison, even for your first offence. Minor drug offences can have implications for your career and reputation, and need to be handled carefully, with experienced guidance. Whether you have been charged with a small amount for personal possession, possession of a commercial quantify, trafficking or even importation, our firm has extensive experience in defending these matters.

We represent clients facing all manner of drug related charges, from first time possession charges, to the most serious drug trafficking allegations.

We recognise that no case is black and white, no one aspires from a young age to get involved in drugs. Each individual case requires a careful examination of the issues, including the lawfulness of the search and seizure, and whether the elements of individual charges are made out, such as drug trafficking. This most serious offence requires the Prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were carrying on the business of drug trafficking. We have conducted countless of these matters, and also work with the best barristers with experience in drug matters to give you the edge you need.

Many of our clients face serious implications to their careers and futures from drug related charges.

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