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Criminal Defence Lawyer helps Southport Defendant Resolve Criminal Assault Charges

Many cases of assault involve a he said she said version of events, and defending criminal assault charges at Southport Court is no different. In criminal assault cases, there are usually three sides to the story, the victim’s, the defendant’s and the truth being the third. It is often the case that what starts as a consensual fight between adults becomes an allegation involving the police by one party. Recently Justin Sibley criminal lawyer became involved in such a case involving a Chinese student. For Chinese students on visas, the risks from a criminal record, even a minor one, can be severe as Border Force can act with disastrous consequences. Depending on your history, a criminal record may be difficult to avoid. However, Justin Sibley criminal lawyer is used to sorting out opposing versions and giving advice on the best way to proceed. Talking to a criminal defence lawyer with a background in law enforcement early can assist, as many cases can be improved through case conferencing with the prosecutor.


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