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Confidential Application Form: Police

I heard about Sibley Lawyers via;
My preferred method of contact is:
I am the subject of any of the following outstanding matters;
I am aware of circumstances that could result in a criminal or disciplinary matter being initiated against me in the next 24 months
During the past 5 years I have been the subject of a criminal charge, disciplinary investigation or hearing
During the past 3 years I have had a complaint made against me by a member of the public, or been questioned in relation to my professional conduct
Have you suffered a work place injury or developed any symptoms within the last 3 years

Sibley Lawyers are not Personal Injury specialists. We cannot provide you with any advice regarding inury matters. There are strict time frames that apply to injury claims, and you should engage with our trusted partner Rogalski Lawyers to safeguard your claims. We are not responsible for reminding you of due dates, or providing you advice regarding time limits. We will not be taking any steps to protect your claim or any potential time limits.

Do you consent to us referring you to our trusted partners injury specialists Rogalski Lawyers for a free consultation?
If yes: do you consent to Rogalski Lawyers and Sibley Lawyers sharing relevant information about you between each other to assist both firms to represent you?
During the last 12 months I have been issued a show cause letter, or any other form of management letter in relation to my work performance
I am currently subject to a restricted drivers licence
I am interested in;
I am a member of a union and/or association
I am interested in paying my annual retainer and premium

Note: Your completed application form will be relied upon as a basis to consider entering into a client service agreement with you. If formalised, only the client is authorised to access the services covered by the retainer with Sibley Lawyers, and benefit from the retainer. All correspondence will be directed to the retained client unless indicated otherwise. You have an ongoing obligation to disclose all and any matters you know, or that a reasonable person could be expected to know, would be relevant to our decision to enter into a client agreement with you. The firm reserves the right not to offer you an agreement to enter into a client retainer with you for any reason, or to amend the agreement if circumstances become known that would have affected our decision to enter into an agreement with you.

*** Any information provided in answer to this or any future questionnaires/conferences will be treated as confidential client/lawyer privilege.